Welcome! Chances are, you're here because a colleague or contemporary recommended us. That's what normally happens – and we're pretty proud of that. Because for Totali, the only real measure of success is if our clients are happy. If our technology and tools are saving them time, and making them money.

What do we do? 

You could call us a website design and development company, but we prefer to describe what we do by the results we deliver...

For over a decade, we've been helping businesses increase their sales, run more efficiently, or both!

Whether it's a bespoke software solution, a mobile application, an enterprise-level website or an e-commerce website, the common thread is greater profits and a very clear return on your investment.

Many software development companies talk about results; we define ourselves by them.

How we work

We have a simple to follow website design process that makes getting a new website fast and easy. If that's not for you we can design solution for your business because your business is unique!

Instead, we take time to really understand your business and what you need to achieve or solve. A tailor-made solution will fit you best.

We see ourselves as your partners - an extension of your business.

Our clients like this approach because it keeps the communication honest and open, and the focus fixed on helping grow your business.

News from our blog

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This post covers a number of ways you can increase sales through your ecommerce website. It introduces the ecommerce revenue calculator, and then talks about different ways to improve the different metrics used the calculator. It provides you with a very clear understanding of how to manage your ecommerce website to drive more traffic.
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One of the hottest topics in business right now  is the relentless rise of ecommerce and the corresponding impact it is having on bricks and mortar retail businesses. Consequently, many business people who own retail and wholesale businesses are starting to look at how to join them, rather than try and beat them. This post provides an overview of the things you need to think about when setting up an ecommerce store. You can use this article as a...
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