Why moving Managed IT Providers should be easy as 1,2,3.


Why moving IT service providers should be easy!

We believe that it’s our job to make it easy for customers to join our services and if they need to move for any reason, we make that as easy as possible. Often as a losing service provider, you’re not given much notice, but as a winning provider, you usually allow a decent amount of time for a smooth transition of services to ensure nothing is dropped along the way. We explore why it should be easy to move providers, where the risks lie and minimize them.

The biggest risk – email!

Email and DNS are usually the biggest risks when moving providers. There are many different ways to manage domain names and DNS, and if something is missed out, even just a tiny character in some record things like email, phones, and remote desktop will break. All of this is avoidable by planning a smooth migration and our favourite – nothing goes live on a Friday!

A bit about our Friday rule.

After many successful launches, we know it can feel good to get something live, but never on a Friday. Why? Because everyone wants to enjoy their weekend. We are often asked if we can do risky items at the end of the week, but this poses many problems. The most significant risk is that most service providers are unavailable over the weekend should something go wrong. In our 24/7 world, even international providers run office hours in their respective time zones – that makes it hard to get support from other vendors we all rely on outside of hours. Time Zones can also be a problem for service providers based in the US who don’t run a 24/7 service desk or support the Pacific region (us down here in little New Zealand). All of these reasons mean a mistake on a Friday may not be resolved or even investigated until Tuesday morning!

So, we have our Friday rule. If it’s not live by Thursday, it goes live on Monday. Everyone enjoys their weekend, and we have Friday to do any last-minute checks and adjustments.

Full migration of managed IT services

When moving IT support companies, you might be moving from everything onsite, to services hosted or in the cloud. When you’re migrating from onsite to cloud, you are likely up for a very smooth transition. Why is that? Because offboarding from old systems to new systems means you can gain early access to your new system ahead of time, migration can happen after key services (like email) are already complete. We can also migrate your files over a weekend when they’re not being used or help you organize your files on the way to the cloud services.

Migration of Managed workstations

If you have no existing IT support or are not moving to the cloud, the first migration is for server and workstation monitoring. These can be installed ahead of a final handover or during a migratory period which means there is likely to be minimal or no downtime. When you are new to managed IT services, there will likely be some software updates that happen in the evenings over the first week or so, so we’ll arrange with you to leave your workstations on so we can patch and update your software.

Getting up to speed with your team and their needs

Once you’ve completed the first part of the migration, we’ll work with you to improve your system. These IT system improvements may include projects such as:

  1. Setup of Microsoft 365
  2. Migration of files to Microsoft OneDrive
  3. Setup of online backup software
  4. Migration to hosted desktops
  5. Rebuild of your entire network

We will carefully plan each of these projects to minimize downtime. We have seen sites that are still running bare-metal servers when the virtualization of servers has been used for well over ten years! Small changes like this will have a big impact on your ongoing IT costs and minimize your IT risk.

With every project or change we recommend, we are clear to explain what benefit that change will bring. At Totali, we are not into pressuring you into decisions that will cost you a fortune. You should know precisely what is happening on your network and why we are making a specific recommendation.

Deciding to move IT providers

We know it can feel a little barbaric to move IT, providers. At Totali, we make the divorce easy. Some of our clients provide authorisation to existing providers to let us take care of everything. They allow us to do this because we are trusted providers to many businesses and ease the confusion and concern. We’ll make sure we communicate clearly what we are doing and why. If a client has any questions or concerns, we’ll stop and take time to explain what we are doing – this is important when starting with a new provider. Even when a client decides to leave (which happens occasionally), we make sure we inform the client what services might be interrupted and how to get help if they need it. Moving providers doesn’t need to be risky or scary, and it should be an easy process.

Where do I start if I want to move to Totali?

The first step is a conversation with us. From there, we’d recommend a FREE IT Audit. We’ll work out exactly what you have going on in your network. Then we can work out a plan that fits your budget and expectations. The migration time can be anywhere from a week to several weeks and depends on each client and their specific needs.

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