Reduce your IT support headaches


The secret to reliable IT is Managed IT Services.

As important as your IT systems are to your business operations, IT can be tremendously stressful for you and your team. A disruption of your IT systems can leave your business in a state of limbo until an IT support team can get things back up and running again. As a business owner, it’s hard to know how much it would cost to get your IT issues resolved.

For businesses paying a significant amount for IT services, this is a familiar story. When you pay for an IT service on time and materials or ad hoc, it’s often only when something breaks that you find out exactly how much it will cost. You pay for only what you need when you need it – but often, the hidden costs of charge-up IT support can quickly mount.

Why pay more for managed IT services?

The benefit of working with a managed IT services provider under a managed IT service contract means you know exactly what you’re paying each month. With a managed IT service arrangement, your IT provider is responsible for keeping your IT systems and equipment up and running, up to date, and performing at its peak. Your IT provider will be able to help you choose suitable IT systems and software, plus they’ll remotely support your network to check for any problems that might arise. You’ll pay a set monthly fee for this service that covers support and software maintenance and updates.

The difference between a well-maintained IT system and one that only gets fixed when it breaks down is the feeling of security that comes from knowing that your IT systems are being actively monitored and managed by IT experts every minute of every day. We can fix any IT issues quickly if something goes wrong. This kind of reliability pays off in terms of system performance, cost savings, and less downtime for your business. When your IT systems aren’t well maintained, they can be cumbersome and slow. In addition to being slow, when your IT systems are not properly secured against cyber-attacks, you’re more vulnerable to them.

While Managed IT Services seem expensive initially, the long-term benefits are easily noticed in happier staff, less downtime, and more reliable IT systems. Businesses that don’t have managed IT services often lag in other business improvements that sound IT systems support.

Improve your business network security

Wherever you look, cyber-attacks are on the increase. PricewaterhouseCoopers reported a rise in ransomware in 2020. CERT NZ recorded a 65 percent rise in cyber-attacks in 2020 from 2019. These types of attacks are varied and target all kinds of businesses.

Your Managed Services IT provider may recommend some or all of these security measures, none of which you will get under a time-and-materials model:

  • Review of your critical IT assets and systems, procedures, policies, and controls.
  • Remote monitoring of your network 24/7 to identify unusual or malicious behaviour and trends.
  • Perimeter management services ensure your business’ online security is strong and up-to-date. Managed IT providers install and maintain reliable firewalls, network infrastructure, and intrusion detection systems to keep your data safe.
  • Vulnerability testing and security audits seek out weaknesses in the network to be strengthened and protected.
  • Remote compliance management software is used to monitor your network. Abnormal traffic or traffic that doesn’t match your policies are immediately flagged for review by IT technicians.

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