About Totali

Who are we?

Totali is a small and experienced IT support team based in Tauranga. Providing enterprise-level support and systems to small businesses at an affordable all-in-one price is what we excel at. Totali may be a brand you've heard of before; that's because we used to exist differently in the past. We decided the market needed us back again as needs and technology have changed; reliable IT is even more important today for all businesses.


Totali started in 2006 as an IT support company in Tauranga, working mostly with schools and small businesses. Like most businesses, things evolved covering IT support clients across the Bay of Plenty and Waikato. In 2016 we rebranded the original Totali company to Bravesight. Our focus had changed over the previous 10 years towards a software development and e-commerce marketing company, and the Totali brand didn't really fit.

Fast forward to 2021, and realised the model we ran for support is still uncommon in 2006 when we started. We saw the need in the market for simple to understand IT support that ran like clockwork. We had moved our clients to new support providers when the stopped providing IT support, but we still helped some of our software clients with IT from time to time, and they kept telling us they loved our support, and their existing providers were not really meeting their needs. As a software developer, we also saw this with servers not being updated, workstations with issues, and poor network security.

Our expertise

We have been working with businesses since 2006 and have seen some common needs, one of which is a cohesive IT strategy. Most businesses have a business plan or strategy, but nothing in the IT section. The lack of strategy for IT manifests in all kinds of ways, such as:

  • Staff starting the company needing new accounts.
  • Staff leaving the company still having accounts running (and accessible after they have left).
  • Running on DSL when VDSL or Fibre is available and not having the time to arrange the move.
  • "Servers" running on Windows 10, or even worse, Windows 7.
  • Old workstations still running Windows XP (Microsoft stopped security updates in April 2014!)
  • Poor wifi installations with low or no security.
  • Scared about undertaking necessary IT projects (such as changing production, accounting or ERP software).

Some of the projects we worked on from 2006 through 2016 were:

  1. Pioneering wireless networks into schools to run large laptop fleets.
  2. Procurement and deployment of large networks (often 100+ workstations in short order).
  3. Internet filtering and load management (back when schools had a single DSL connection).
  4. Migration of in-house networks to the cloud (when the cloud wasn't really a thing).

Arron, our CEO, started a customer service desk at KAMAR, a software development company that now supports 100's of schools across New Zealand. From a humble beginning with just himself on the service desk to several support staff and developers, the same systems that helped support huge growth at KAMAR were applied to Totali in our early days. Arron saw how important a reliable service desk was and always keeps the customer experience top of mind.

With work-from-home, we helped our clients digitise their workplaces to use their IT investment better and provide reliability when things seemed impossible. Finding solutions that work for end-users has always been our top priority.

Our Team

We have a small team of IT experts. You may be thinking, "How can we do this with a small team?". We use a lot of automation and monitoring to ensure things run smoothly. No one likes it when things break - it's frustrating.

Our team monitor what is happening in your network, from workstations to devices. They proactively work with you to minimise frustrations before they occur or help you though them quickly when they occur.

Arron Edwards

Arron Edwards

Karen Saunders

Karen Saunders

Service Manager
Jon McKeown

Jon McKeown

IT Manager
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Earvin Ocaba

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