Our Team!

The Totali team, based in Tauranga and Mount Maunganui, comprises business-minded website designers and software developers, technology-savvy business analysts, project managers and skilled support staff. Each with their own specialties, everyone at Totali speaks your language… the language of better business.

Our focus is on your business… and our goal is your business growth.

You see, we feel more like your business partner than anything else because we think working with, is far better than working for.

We are a small team by design and we like it that way. It means you discuss your business challenges directly with a Totali solution expert. You talk to the same people that design and develop your website – so there’s no chance of anything getting lost in translation.

Okay… let’s introduce you to the team.

Arron Edwards

Arron’s the crazy guy who started all of this. Having built up a customer-centric business, he ensure the rest of the Totali team focusing on you and your project.

In the early days of Totali, he did just about everything himself. Slowly he built a team of great people to help him design websites that deliver results and software solutions that save his customers money every day. Arron is very proud of his team and their ability to bring you innovative and cost effective IT solutions.

Karen Saunders

Karen is our administration queen. She keeps the place ticking over, and she will make sure your project runs smoothly. Karen does everything from content loading to whipping the team into shape, to supporting the Arron.

Lyn Edwards

Taking care of the office and keeping the accounts up to date keeps Lyn busy. She has been with Totali for several years and is the welcoming face of our reception.

Ryan Burness

Starting with us at an intern we quickly found Ryan to be a great asset to our team - so we hired him full time. He looks after most of the initial work on your new website and wires up all the moving parts. When he's not doing that he looks after DreamCatcher, a custom application we have built for a client - there's always something keeping him busy.

Our Contractors

We have a number of contractors we work with very closely on some projects. Most often they are more collaborations where both us and our contractors work together to get the best results for you - our customers. Traditionally contracts in the IT business disappear with projects unfinished - most of ours have worked with us for several years and we provide them with ongoing projects in many cases - so you can be sure your project is in extremely competent hands.