We built Martelli's eCommerce Website

Following her arrival in New Zealand from South Africa Deborah bought Martelli's Hair Body & Beauty in 2012. The business had a website, but with very little information on it.

A total review of the business saw Deborah remodel the premises and embark on a new marketing strategy. Part of her plan was a cost-effective and informative website where her clients and potential clients could learn more about her and her business in order to build trust.

Deborah likes to go the extra mile and offers a 'surprise and delight' angle to her client's visits. Not only will you have a superb Stylist but you will enjoy an extra-long scalp massage to sooth away the day's stress.

With Deborah's own business philosophy being based on the importance of building strong relationships and adding value, Totali were the perfect business partners. Easy to approach and always obliging, she found them to be a pleasure to deal with throughout the entire project with nothing being too much trouble.

For Martellis the result was a professional and functional website, a significant increase in business and the added benefit of being able to update their site easily from anywhere.

You will find Martelli's website here www.martellis.co.nz

Deborah Franklin - Martellis