All about online buyers

Getting your eCommerce website right is imperative. Totali has the expertise to provide a solution that sells!

Accounting for a large number of sales worldwide, online shopping is increasing at an astounding rate. As time goes on we are learning more and more about the psychology behind purchasing goods and services online.

Some of the latest research shows that online customers want to:

  1. ‘Connect’ – This is often achieved by telling your story on an About page.
  2. Get value for money – Offer a Gift with Purchase or similar incentive.
  3. Be able to trust you – Provide a consistent message.
  4. See you as an authority – Back up your product or service with an affiliation to a brand or association works here.
  5. Have proof – Use testimonials or customer emails.

Online customers decide very quickly whether they will (a) even stay on your website, and (b) purchase from you.

In only 90 seconds your online customers will decide whether they will purchase something from you or not. Here are a few online selling techniques we know work:

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