it audit form

So, you want to take up our FREE IT Audit?

Great, we need a few little details from you, then we'll take you through our audit process.

Here is what you'll find out:

  • An audit list of all your workstations, including specifications.
  • A list of software installed on each workstation, including your Windows version.
  • Microsoft software and licensing (we often find licensing issues).
  • How up to date your Windows Updates are (missing updates increase security risk).
  • How much storage is used on your workstations.

Once we've run through your report with you, we'll help you work out what to do next, including some actions you can take yourself to improve security and get your software legal.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The software to run your audit also allows us remote access to your workstations. We tell you this so you're aware. Our team have zero interest in looking at what you're doing, but it means we can undertake your audit for free. The software will only be used to perform your audit.
  2. If you do not proceed with Totali as your new IT partner, we will remove the software.
  3. There is no cost to you unless you ask us to undertake work.
  4. The audit really costs nothing, we want to help as many businesses as we can keep their network and data secure.
  5. Totali takes no responsibility and accepts no liability for security breaches identified on your network as a result of your free audit. We take due care to ensure the work we do does not cause any security breaches, however, we often find breaches that exist already.

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