DreamCatcher is a great example of a need, developed into a web application, to reach thousands of students New Zealand wide. Dreamcatcher helps students capture and share their career-planning journey with teachers and family, then also enabling careers practitioners to provide more relevant, timely support and assistance.

Students can login to DreamCatcher while at school or at home. Infact, anywhere they have Internet access, from anywhere in the country, anytime.

Using the user-friendly, fun online system, they explore and input their goals, research their options, evaluate and plan out possible pathways, create and upload a CV and then share all this with caregivers and school staff.

We made it easy for teachers to log in to DreamCatcher, anytime, anywhere there is Internet access. Teachers can view their students' DreamCatchers information and support students in their self-management of goal setting, career research and subject selection administration.

Students have access to a range of resources inside DreamCatcher to support their usage of the system and guide them through the career research and subject selection process.

View their website here: http://www.dreamcatcher.school.nz


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