Nutex Fabric Wholesalers

When Nutex Fabric Wholesaler came to Totali looking for a new e-commerce website, we first set out to really understand their business, their current needs and their future goals.

After discovering the big challenges they were having in managing orders across their major markets (New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom), we designed an ordering system that displays the relevant product information to customers in each market, allowing them to order products with varying market-based product minimums, see prices in their specific currency, etc.

We created an online product catalogue within the website, that allows customers to easily and quickly explore the full range of fabrics. The website product catalogue is also very easy for Nutex to maintain - retiring fabrics, updating images, adding new product categories and products, etc.

Our wholesale ordering system has been a real success for Nutex. Their retail customers can log in and view pricing applicable specifically to them, order the products they want, and even view recommended products (set by the Nutex team). 

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