People read website text in quite a different way to printed media, and reading text on a computer screen is  25% more difficult than reading print.

Your website visitors will scan your pages looking for specific information, and they want it quickly. Within just three seconds of landing on your page, a visitor will decide whether or not they want to continue looking at your website.

A website with clear and concise content will have your website visitors staying longer and buying more - and that is a fact! You can increase your sales by up to a staggering 400% with engaging copy.

Engaging content that is well laid out and easy to read will make a huge difference. Our website copywriters will craft professional, polished, and most importantly, persuasive text to sell your brand, product or service.

Many clients have great intentions of writing their own content, but soon realise it is more difficult than they realise. Finding just the right words to deliver a succinct message is not that simple.

Here are a few reasons why we recommend engaging a professional copywriter:

  • It will save time.
  • Your website will be more professional.
  • Professionally written content will bring you more website traffic.

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