What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a strategy of placing specifically chosen keywords throughout your website to influence and improve your search engine rankings in organic (not paid for) searches.

Ranking well on search engines will drive qualified leads to your website. These website visitors have searched Google using the same keywords we have placed throughout your website, therefore they want your product or service.

At Totali we understand that good SEO is vital in business today, and we are very good at it. Our system does all the work for you with an automated process making SEO easy. These days if you are not in the first few pages of Google, it is highly unlikely you will get many website visitors. It’s that simple!

The SEO Process

Choosing the right keywords is important. As we have said before, you know your business best; so between us we will first come up with a list of keywords. We will then research those keywords to make sure we have the ones most used by internet searchers. The third step is for us to place those keywords throughout your website.

We will use those keywords in the page titles and descriptions and page headings, and our copywriters will write your content using those keywords too.

The Totali system has been developed with SEO in mind, with every page allowing you to create unique keyword data. Our websites include an automated process to give you control of your SEO, meaning you stay on top of your Google game.