Having a backup solution in place helps manage your IT risk. Whether you mistakenly delete a file or your files are encrypted by a cyber-attack, a reliable and recoverable backup solution will save you time, money and most importantly, frustration.

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Why do I need a backup?

It should go without saying that if you haven’t lost any data yet, you have been very, very lucky! Most businesses don’t go long without re-creating a file, whether deleted by mistake or intentionally deleted. Backups are there, just-in-case something goes wrong. That something could be any of the following:

  • A natural disaster
  • A hard drive crash
  • Moved files
  • Deleted files
  • An electrical storm

What should I backup?

There are multiple backup levels; depending on how fast you wish to recover, you can backup daily or down to the hour. You can choose to back up a whole computer (or server) or just a few locations (like My Documents). Deciding what to backup depends on what is most important to you and how much of an impact recovery time will have. As storage is reasonably cheap in 2022, how much to back up shouldn’t be questioned. It should be a question of convenience.

How often should my backup run?

We recommend daily backups for regular files and mission-critical files or databases, an hourly backup. Your backups should never impact performance enough to frustrate users.

How long should I keep my backup?

(or, how often should I rotate my backups?)

Most companies would only need backups for 30-90 days. We recommend 90-day backups, so you have time to remember which files you lost without fear of having them overwritten by the next backup cycle (when using a backup drive-type solution) or when backing up online, enough time to ensure a smooth recovery.

If you only perform a certain task once every two months, you would probably appreciate a 60-90-day backup because if a user deleted the files needed for that task, you would likely not notice the missing files within 30 days.

What cloud-backup solution does Totali use?

Acronis Backup Solutions

Acronis is a fantastic backup solution. It allows recoverable backups defined by period easily and efficiently. Backups are available for Office 365, files and whole workstations.

Backups are encrypted before they leave your workstations and servers, sent as changes since the last backup saving both storage and Internet usage costs.

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