Microsoft 365

Office 365 has evolved into Microsoft 365. Office 365 is moving to a unified suite of productivity applications under the Microsoft 365 banner. If you’re used to using Microsoft Office, Microsoft 365 keeps your software up to date and secure along with many more cloud-based benefits such as OneDrive.

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Have you recently been audited by Microsoft?

Many companies start their journey to the cloud after being audited by Microsoft for their software’s illegal use. Gone are the days where pirated software or a single copy of a license used across 10+ workstations in your network went unnoticed. Microsoft is actively auditing companies that might use their software.

By using Microsoft 365, you no longer need to worry about unlicensed or illegal software installations. A simple per-user licence means you’re legal and always have the latest version of your favourite Microsoft tools.

What is included in the Microsoft 365 Suite?

  • Microsoft Outlook (including domain-based email for
  • Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft OneDrive

If you’re used to Microsoft Office or Office 365, Microsoft 365 give you access to your favourite tools and a few new cloud-based ones.

What isn’t included?

Microsoft has great uptime for all their cloud products. Their history of maintaining productivity software we to love use means you don’t need to worry about them disappearing any time soon. Discontinuing software development often happens with independent software products leaving you with software next to useless. What you don’t get is a comprehensive backup of your data in the cloud. Yes, your data will never go away, but risks such as compromised accounts and users deleting files by mistake are not covered by the accessibility of your data in most cloud products. Ensuring your data is backed up when using cloud products is vital for business continuity.

What might Google Workspace be a better choice for you?

If you need collaboration (real-time editing of the same file) and don’t need a need for specific Microsoft products such as Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft Word, then Google Workspace might be a cost-effective solution that includes email and productivity tools that work nicely across all devices.

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