Websites for Franchise Systems

Totali offer franchise website solutions that provide a platform for your franchisees to manage their businesses from which allows you, the franchisor the control the design, configuration and functionality of the website.

We will design a web-based software solution to provide for eCommerce, ERP, mobile/responsive and information websites to give your franchise model the edge.

What will a franchise website solution do for me?

Brand consistency is one of the most important factors in franchised businesses today, and when you have multiple franchisees providing the same service - consistency is vital. A franchise website solution provides one website containing all of your business’s information with each franchisee having their own pages for their branch. With a detailed user guide to ensure standards are maintained across the business, your branch managers will be able to update information on their pages only.

How does a franchise website solution work?

We design and develop one main website for you as the franchisor. This website contains all of the standard information for your business, then each franchisee has it’s own page with standard local information. The main website is controlled by a website administrator with the branch manager maintaining the local page.

Why not have separate websites for each franchisee?

There are many reasons for having one main franchisor website with franchisee branch pages.  With several different people editing their own websites the sites will over time become different to one another. Not everyone is adept at administering websites and this can cause inconsistencies and confusion for customers.

With one website it will be significantly larger resulting in your Google rankings performing much better. Updating information for the entire business is far more efficient as this only needs to be done once, and when it comes to advertising, this can be driven by a centralised marketing department meaning greater results.

In addition, website traffic can be measured and analysed as a whole business giving far greater insight into any requirements for improvements in engagement and conversions.

How do online stores and ordering work?

Our eCommerce platform provides for local picking and packing of orders. As a customer purchases online the systems sends the order to their closest store meaning the freight costs are kept to a minimum.

During your Totali customised franchise website development project we will work very closely to ensure every detail is included, and that we provide the best platform for your business.

Your franchise software solution will provide:

For more information about your franchise software solution, call the Totali team of experts.