All about responsive website design

Today more and more people are accessing websites from mobile phones or tablets and this is on the increase. With Google's most recent changes and likely future changes a responsive, mobile-friendly website design will ensure you rank higher in mobile search results on Google and other search engines as they follow suit.

What is responsive design?

A responsive website design allows your customers to have an optimal view of your website on any mobile device.  This means that your website automatically adapts to the particular device displaying in a user-friendly and well organised way. As responsive design moves elements of a website page around in order to make it fit on a particular device giving your customers just the information they need when they are on the move.

Do I need responsive design?

We recommend responsive website design to maximise your search exposure on Google and other search engines. Your customers will definitely benefit from being able to easily view your website from any device they have meaning they are more likely to enquire or purchase on-the-run increasing your sales.

Why does a responsive design website cost more?

We have to design at least two separate designs for your website when you choose a responsive website design. This process means we have to decide what functionality and design makes up your website when viewed on a mobile or a tablet for example.  Reviewing all of your website content and deciding what will and will not be included as part of the mobile, tablet and desktop design takes more time and in turn increases the cost.

In addition, once your responsive design website has been developed we need to review and test a number of its components to ensure we have a workable solution. This too takes time and impacts on the overall cost.

We will build your website so it looks good, and functions well on any device or screen.

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